The Power of 4C is the SHOWCASE
Written by admin on September 12, 2009
At the heart of the 4C the Power workshops is the Showcase. This is the forum where youth gather all of their creativity and courage, and all that they learned in their workshop with their artist/industry mentors to SHINE! And did they ever SHINE. Just look at the following pictures and you will see it in their faces, their eyes and their smiles! Not only could you see it, you could feel the energy in the air. That positive energy is the driving force behind change. Artists, industry folk, youth, interns, parents, donors, visitors lives were changed that day. For some it was a huge shift and for others a twitch. No matter the MOVEMENT MOVED on Sept 5th at the Asian Youth Center during the 4C the Power event. Maridette Rasing, a 4C Intern debuting her awesome singing ability!  Go Mare! Mare already has a fanclub Diana Nguyen asked if she could perform an original spoken word.  The crowed said "SNAP, SNAP" The Marketing Workshop by FR*A The Photography Workshop by Shinobi Studios The Photography Showcase included the picture below.  This picture is proof that WongFu Productions new video short called POSER! is in fact correct as evidenced by these workshop students "posing".  This picture was taken before the release of the video.  WOOOWWWW! Poser!  The history and evolution of the "Peace Sing" The Filmmaking Workshop by Wongfu Productions Ted and Wes are setting up the video projector to show the video short the students made in their workshop.  Theme of the video short was greetings.  IT WAS HILARIOUS!  The Hip Hop Dance Workshop by DopeKidsFresh It wouldn't be a 4C the Power without the appearance of the CANDYMAN!  Candyman on the Dance Floor! Pleased to have the 2nd place winner of the JCPenney Schooled in Style Breakout contest Trent Ellingsen the fire dancer. The Music Workshop by David Choi The DJ Workshop with DJ Virman and the Gavinator! The Hip Hop Music Workshop with "Far*East in the house, cuz they supa supa bad" Introduced by Power106 LA Dj Virman , here is their performance of Supa Supa Bad! As you can see by the awesome Shinboi Studios  pictures, the 4C the Power workshops truly create CULTURE, CREATIVTY, COMMUNITY AND CONFIDENCE!  The youth totally connected with the artists but even more special was the connection the artists made with the youth. Stay tuned for more pictures and video.  If your school, organization or club is interested in having 4C the Power, please contact

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