Project LOVE Really Did Spread the LOVE!!!
Written by admin on February 12, 2010
It was very inspirational and moving evening of music, laughter, learning and collaboration. The artists did a phenomenal job showing a different side to themselves as people and as musicians. It was the first time hearing Jesse Barrera live and it was unbelievable! He so naturally sings and plays his guitar but really he is a genius musician. He brought a very soulful feel to start off the evening setting a tone for the performances that night to be over the top. Jennifer Chung was next and her performance and interaction with the audience was also so special because she sang to help the audience to get to know her better. What was most surprising to realize is that her You Tube songs do not capture the unbelievable singer she really is and the range she has in both style and vocals. Jennifer collaborated seperately with AJ, Passion and Leejay for some very inspiring and heartfelt songs. Truly gifted. A different side to Passion was revealed as did an awesome piano medley with Leejay beatboxing that included Micheal Jackson's Thriller! The crowd loved it! The audience went even more crazy because he sang is hit song LEMONDADE. It turned into a singalong!!! Passion also sang a little Pants on the Ground creating a huge response from the audience. Finally the song Stephanie was unbelievably moving and so perfect for this night of giving and love. AJ was next up but surprise MC's came out to introduce him, Philip Wang and Wesley Chan of Wong Fu Production! It was so good to see them and hear about upcoming projects including one with AJ. Being the nice guys they are, they wouldn't talk about the release of their new SPENCER. He is so cute and really should be apart of your family :) AJ was phenomenal as he performed with Jesse, Jenny Suk, and Jennifer Chung that evening. AJ is also an incredible musician who also possesses this incredible heart that comes out in everything he sings and does for the community. AJ sang his hits including his most recent I Just Want You and of course Showstopper. This was also a first to hear Jenny Suk. She is one that will continue to be a part of our projects. LOVED her performance! When AJ dedicated his last song to Ying Yang who was suffering from cancer it really showed why he was doing Project LOVE. It was not only to raise money for the Phillipines Mission but also for her. Sadly, Ying passed away last Friday and the money we raised will now be used towards her funeral expenses. Her wish was to be able to use the money to travel with her family but now the money will be used to travel to Our Father in Heaven. She is at peace and in no more pain and going to a place that really is THE destination. With the money we raised that night, AJ was able to feed an entire village in the Phillipines! They were able to buy chicken and watermelon which the children hadn't had in over a year. After watching the videos that Tasi and AJ sent back, 4C the Power now wants to go to the Phillipines to do free 4C workshops with the kids. Let's make it happen! Many thank to the Chi Alpha Delta Sorority of UCLA who co-hosted Project LOVE as a part of their philanthropic project this year. They sold tickets and provided dinner for the artists and 4C staff. Ying Yang was a Chi, so they were instrumental in helping us provide the funds for her and her family. Also thank you to Tom Ngo who also co-hosted and help put Project LOVE together including creating the awesome flier for the event. Really appreciated Andrew Garcia, American Idol contestant, coming out to support his friends and 4C the Power. A huge thank you to AJ Rafael who actually hosted and helped with the artist for Project LOVE. He has carved huge spot in the heart of 4C the Power! AJ and 4C will be working on project together for a long time to come because our philosophy about life, love, music and giving is so aligned. Finally thank you and infinite love to DJ Nick, Passion, Jennifer Chung, Jesse Barerra, Leejay, Jenny Suk, Tasi Alabastro, Johnny Yang and the 4C Interns! AJ Rafael Passion Jennifer Chung Jesse Barrera Leejay Tasi Alabastro Tom Ngo WongFu Productions

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