4C the Power Workshops at the Asian Youth Center, San Gabriel
Written by admin on September 05, 2009
Today was a great day for artists, industry and youth at 4C the Power. It was day filled with creativity, sharing, connection and inspiration between the artists and youth. We will be putting up many pictures and stories of the happenenings of today, but just wanted to get few pictures up to thank everyone who participated today! Q & A Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Dance Workshop Photobucket Photobucket David Choi's Quartet Photobucket The Candyman Photobucket Trent the Fire Dancer Photobucket Hip Hop Music Workshop taught by FM We have a lot of pictures and video we will be processing and posting. The youth today were absolutely fantastic and taking a huge risk to demonstrate their love of the arts and their willingness to put themself out there today! You are all stars! I want to thank all of the artists and industry folks who particpated today. Far-east Movement (KevNish, Prohgress, JSpif, DJ Virman), Wongfu Produtions (Philip Wang. Wesley Chan, Ted Fu), David Choi, Kev Jumba, Shinobi Studios (Garrick Fuji, Henry Ly, Alison, Susan), FR*A (DPD, Daniel Cho), GLP (Gabe Bondoc,Leejay, Passion), Coquia Cousins Dance Crew. They gave up their time which is more valuable and the greatest gift they could give. The youth today will remember the interaction and connection with these artists for the rest of their lives. A big thank you to the 4C the Power interns! This could not have been done without you. You all are absolutely the DREAM TEAM and I am forever grateful for your passion about what we are doing together! Thank you Tammy, Yvonne, Winnie, Monica, Jerilyn, Pam, Jenny, Ianne, Mare, Tiffany, Janie, Vesna, Sister Cha, Leena, Mee Mee, Carol, Justine, Leeann and Brandon. If I've left someone out text me so I can add it! Another big thank you to Tom Ngo! He was so instrumental in the success of 4C today. Tom Ngo isn't just motrees.com, he is themostrees.com! Also a huge thank you to John Tong, coordinator at the Asian Youth Center who was our host today. He did an above and beyond job today and is a big part of the great workshops today! Don't ever give up on what you are passionate about! Maintain balance between what you have to do with what feeds your heart and soul. 4C the Power will be back soon! Stay tuned!

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