4C the Power in the Bay!!! Part 2
Written by admin on April 01, 2009
After the awesome behind the scenes look at the Millionaire video shoot, the 4C workshops began with Meme, Della and Glenda (A.S.S.I.D & Fanny Pak) leading participants in warm-ups and then right into learning a routine they do to the music of ........................GIRLS ON THE DANCE FLOOR! Then 4C'ers had the opportunity to have a question and answer session with all of the 4C Mentors!  It was an opportunity to be up close and personal with their favorite artists and producers. Dancers:  Glenda, Meme, Della Singer, writer, musician:  Passion   http://www.myspace.com/listen2passion Hip Hop Violinist, Writer, Vocals:  Paul Dateh   http://pauldateh.com/ Producers :  The Stereotypes, Jon and Ray  (Jeremy will catch us next time)    www.myspace.com/stereotypesmusic Also check out this article on the Stereotypes from 4C the Power's local newspaper:     http://www.sacbee.com/172/story/1590812.html   (Be sure to go to page 2 where you will see a quote from FM's KevNish) Film Director:  Todd Angkasuwan   www.toddangkasuwan.com Film Producion, Directors, Nice Guys:  Wongfu Productions; Phil. Ted, Wes    www.wongfuproductions.com No Wes did not make Phil cry even though Ted looks a bit suspicious........ See Phil is fine, but Ted still looks like he is being suspicious :)   And last but not least, The Far*East Movement! Rappers, Vocals, Writers, Producers and the #1 believers in 4C the Power:  Jsplif, DJ Virman, Prohgress and.... KevNish, broadcasting the Q & A for the fans that couldn't be at 4C.......   www.fareastmovement.com The day just kept getting better and better.  The questions asked of the artists were great and the honest, sincere and heartfelt answers they provided was priceless.  Some of the responses, especially from DJ Virman aka the Candyman were hilarious! 4C'ers gained insight into the work and lives of their favorite artists and producers, and had the opportunity to hear about the same stuggles and challenges they faced when they were in high school was also a source of inspiration.  They got to hear just how important everyone's indiviual culture does play a part in their creativity and career choices. Stay Tuned for Part 3!!!!!

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