4C the Power! An Unforgettable Day 4 ALL!
Written by admin on September 11, 2009
The mission of 4C the Power is to build communities through the arts, education and entertainment.  On Sept. 5, 2009 in San Gabriel, California that is EXACTLY what happened.  Coming together were professional artists/industry and youth from the community  with the help of a local community based organization, The Asian Youth Center. Youth were mentored and taught by the Far*East Movement (Prohgress, KevNish, JSpiff, DJ Virman), WongFu Productions (Philip Wang, Wesley Chan, Ted Fu), David Choi, Shinobi Studios (Garrick Fujii, Henry Ly), FR*A (Daniel Cho, Daniel DPD Park) and DopeKidsFresh (John Kevin Gabrillo, Danie Chang). Artists showing their support of 4C the Power by coming to see the youth during their workshops and watching their showcase was KevJumba, GLP (Gabe Bondoc, Leejay, Passion). The Asian Youth Center is a non-profit, community-based organization serving the social services needs of youth and families, with a focus on Asian immigrants. The programs enable those served to adapt and contribute to a multi-cultural society.  John Tu Tong, Coordinator, was instrumental in 4C the Power workshops being a great success.  His help with all the facilities and equipment at the AYC was invaluable! Here are some great pics by Shinobi Studios. They not only took pics of 4C the Power but also taught a workshop.  We are so proud to partner with Shinobi Studios because they are awesome mentors and truly understand and are a part of the MOVEMENT! The Youth Q & A JACKKKHAAMMMMERRRR FR*A Daniel "DPD" Park  during Q & A The Best MC is the Universe- Tom Ngo! FM Hip Hop Music Workshop WongFu Film Workshop David Choi Music Workshop d Shinobi Studios Photography Workshop FR*A Marketing/Promotions Worshop DopeKidsFresh  Hip Hop Dance Workshop DJ Virman DJ Workshop The Artists and the DREAM TEAM Thank you seems so inadequate when showing appreciation to these wonderful artists and industry folk.  They are the REAL DEAL and walk the talk with the utmost integrity and honor.  4C the Power is blessed in so many ways because of them.  Further blessings come in the form of the best interns in the universe.  These extemely hardworking individuals give of their time and energy because they, too, believe in the MOVEMENT.  Thank you so much to the  4C the Power DREAM TEAM!  You are changing the world, one workshop and ISA at a time. Finally, thank you to the youth and their families for supporting 4C the Power by attending.  To the parents who brought their kids to the workshops, you are to be commended for letting your kids participate in 4C the Power and validating their creativity and potential. The showcase pictures will be blogged next so please stay tuned. 4C the Power is dedicated to my deceased brother, David Watanabe, who went the corporate route and was very successful but was really always a musician in his heart and soul.  This is for you Bro!

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