Mission: The Park
Written by admin on October 05, 2011
To transport Jay Park, Korean American singer, dancer, and actor, with his manager upon arrival to Los Angeles to his destined hotel in preparation for the first ever ISA Festival 2011. The “secret agents”: Mama D and intern to remain anonymous until “mission complete”. Rules: To make the car ride as comfortable as possible, for everyone’s sake; to remain calm and collected (which is generally a piece of cake for 4C interns “go to work”); and last but not least, to take this mission as a great opportunity to implement one of the 4Cs. GOOD LUCK. (Bonus points for answering the following question: "Who is“Jay Park?”)

Confidence: First time feeling like an escort service, especially in that extra exclusive dark blue rental car. Being a casual fan, knowing the general gist of who “Jay Park” was, I did not know what or even whom to expect. 4CTHEPOWER had previously worked with Jay for the first time back in 2010 for both the 4C workshops as well as the ISA concert. Even being a casual fan, I did feel nervous, as it is not every day that I would be meeting Korean celebrity, but with one advantage: he spoke English!

Obstacles prior to actually picking up Jay and his manager included “the guarded, but friendly first call”, having about 5% battery life while circling the terminal numerous times (pre-planning and hoping for that last phone call!) while the two of them were making their way out from customs. Yes, that 5% battery was long gone before that last phone call could me made, but everything seemed to run on our time as we stopped by the exit, finally seeing Jay and his manager waiting patiently on the side. Bingo! We were definitely off to a good start.

First impressions, of course, was looks. He dressed very low-key in a t-shirt, sweats, topped off with a black beanie, wearing a backpack and no shades! As Mama D first went over to greet Jay and the manager, bringing them back to the car, looking eye to eye, I quickly introduced myself to Jay before he slid into the left backseat through the right hand side of the back seat door. Odd, but understandable, he had a long flight. The manager also seemed nice and helpful as we quickly transitioned from out of the airport and on our way to dropping them off at their hotel. Even with the language barrier, he also seemed pleasant enough. Good sign! Good sign!

Jay seemed to open up pretty easily, and after reading a few of his tweets right after landing, that 15 hour sleep on a 11 hour plane ride really did the trick. He comfortably talked about his meetings with some big names during his short stay. I felt excited for him! In life and in this business, it’s a dog eat dog world out there. Starting from the bottom and working to the top may seem like one of the most difficult processes to overcome, but in the end, the results reflect the individual. The “Hallyu wave” has been growing more and more as more Korean artists branch out into other countries, and one being Jay Park, who also has been working towards making a name for him here in the states. Ding ding ding! Bonus points level reached!

Arriving near destination hotel via hand written directions, dropping off both Jay and manager with Jay’s genuinely appreciative parents waiting for their son at the drop off area, a little family reunion moment had sparked. At that moment, I gained a greater respect for Jay Park as a person. Though I have no hopes of ever becoming a performer in the lime light, I do know the feeling of family support, and I came to realize that behind the name, the image, and the music, he was as normal as normal could be. Singing along to the radio, asking about Far East Movement when “SO WHAT” played on POWER 106, and asking over the phone whether his In-N-Out was ready, Jay Park had turned back into his Seattle bboy self.Success!

We all were born into this world with purpose and meaning. The possibilities are endless as what type of life we want to live. Through hard work, dedication, and heart, anything is possible. It was fun getting to know Jay Park that day. If it weren’t for his Korean activities, he, too, would have been at the 4C workshops. Even though he could not be there, his presence was definitely felt through AOM with that same heart and dedication through their teaching with the students. Thank you, Jay Park, for returning for a second time to ISA. Hope to see you again, and next time at the workshops as well. We’re definitely rooting for you! Best of luck to you and your future endeavors.


-Tiffy Yamashita (4C Intern)

4C mentors  AOM and Mama D!

ISA Festival 2011: 4C mentors AOM and Mama D!

ISA Festival 2011: The Park and Suzie Ng. Got her CD signed :)

ISA Festival 2011: The Park and 4C Intern Susie. Got her CD signed :)

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