4C Mentor Update- The Gamblerz Crew
Written by admin on April 19, 2015
A recent visit to Korea included meeting up with 4C mentors. It was great to catch up with the Gamblerz Crew. They continue to dance with the heart and soul of warriors determined to win and bring the bboy culture to a new generation.

One of the ways they are bringing their art to a new audience is through their participation in the hit show, Dancing 9 produced by MNET. Year one of Dancing 9 had BBoy Noodle as a contestant. Last year, BBoy Kill, BBoy Bruce Lee, and Bboy Rocket were all contestants. This year all four Bboys will be on the MNET show.

Their appearance on the show has brought other perks to these down to earth and funny Bboys. Here is a commercial they landed for LG. They are also now doing other commercials and print work as well. Even with all this new fame and attention, one of their greatest wish is to return to the US and conduct 4C the Power workshops in Bboying.

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