[4C Exclusive] KCON’13 Press Con!
Written by admin on September 01, 2013
Article and pictures by Jennifer Cortez

The first artist to come out into the press conference was 16-year-old, Yoo Seung Woo. He was shy at first, but then opened up when asked questions. Seung Woo made his way to fame through Korea’s popular television singing audition, “Superstar K4.” Because it was his first time in the United States, he said that he wanted to visit the beach and Universal Studios.

Hip-hop veterans, Dynamic Duo were the next artists to come out. While they talked about their experience so far at KCON, press were not allowed to ask questions.

Afterwards, 4-member ballad group, 2AM, took the stage. After introducing themselves in English, Jokwon continued to say that even though they are a ballad group, they are inspired by many other genres.

DJ Koo then came to the front. As once part of the group, CLON, DJ Koo talked about the surprising popularity of K-pop in other countries.

Next was one of the two girl groups to perform at KCON, f(x)! The members talked about the different kind of charisma they bring to KCON as a girl group and how they feel about their grown up image.

Popular twelve-member boy group, EXO, were the next artists to show up to the press conference. They talked about the difference between fans in Korea and the States and how they go about promoting in both Korea and China. Even when asked an awkward question about… showers, all the members remained calm and very professional.

Teen Top was the next boy group to enter the room. Because this was their first time in the United States, they were surprised and grateful to all the fans that greeted them at the airport.

The last artist to come out was Canadian-native, Henry of Super Junior. He felt it was a little too serious in the room and asked everyone if they can lighten up a little bit. Everyone laughed. When he was asked to give advice to depressed teens, Henry instantly related. He explained that there were times where he felt really sad and that music was a remedy. He suggested that kids should find their CONFIDENCE! Find something that they really enjoy and work on that talent! Henry also talked about the culture differences that he experienced while living in Korea and how he expressed those feelings on his new album.

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