4C and the Museum of Tolerance
Written by admin on April 19, 2015

It’s been awhile since 4C the Power has conducted workshops or worked with ISA to provide live shows but it doesn’t mean we haven’t continued the work of the 4 C’s. The 4 C’s represent Community, Creativity, Culture and Confidence. Each of these is so important for today’s youth to succeed in our global and diverse world.

4C the Power began in school with Diann Kitamura aka Mama D partnering with the Far East Movement to bring out the 4C’s underserved youth. Today, that partnership continues but in a different way. The Far East Movement have become “thought partners” as they create their music and experiences in the arts and entertainment industry, they have become a sounding board for the pushing the 4C work in other directions. The work of 4C is done primarily through Mama D and her work with school districts. She is the Assistant Superintendent of Santa Rosa City Schools where she consistently embeds the 4C’s into the operation of the district.

A recent example is her acquisition of a grant to send 200 teachers and administrators to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles for a two-day professional development designed to challenge the staff about their beliefs systems around race and culture. If we wish our youth to embrace the race and cultures of others then teachers, principals, parents all must model those actions. Stay tuned for the results of the Museum of Tolerance visit by these 200 staff.

Museum of Tolerance

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